1863-64 Paterson City Directory
not in strict alphabetical order (usually by first one or 2 letters of surname]
does not contain separate directory of Passaic
has list of soldiers starting p. 118 [image 67/93]


p. 1
p. 2-3
p. 4-5
p. 6-7
Bergen James, laborer, h 119 Mechanic
Bergen Patrick, laborer, 55 Mechanic

p. 8-9
Bergen John, laborer, h 81 Pine
Berger Martin, h 61 Oliver
Berns Michael, laborer, h Yew n Donnelly

p. 10-11
p. 11
BRADY Michael, h 72 Congress
BROPHY Thomas, laborer, h 60 Oliver [CAVANAGH pension witness 1865?]
BROPHY Aaron, h 71 Mill [Kieran?]
BROPHY Mary, wid James, h 38 Jersey >>>>>>>>>>
BRADY Luke, blacksmith, 59 Congres

p. 12-13
p. 12
BRADY John, laborer, 48 Prospect
BRADY Francis (Reilly & Brady, dry goods) 148 Main, bds 56 Marshall
BRADY Peter, laborer, h 86 Jersey
BRADY Richard, laborer, h 286 Mill
BROPHY Joseph, laborer, h 496 Main >>>>>>>>>>
p. 13
BRADY Mary, wid Hugh, 56 Marshall, h 152 Grand ***
BRADY Daniel, machinist, h 50 Congress
BRUSH JOHN, commissioner of deeds, 173 Main, depot Gem City Nursery, 179 Main, h 16 Bond
BROPHY, sawyer, h 61 Oliver >>>>>>>>>> [Thomas?]
BROPHY Geo., laborer, bds 89 Mill
BROPHY Mark, h 93 Mill

p. 14 & 16
p. 16
Carroll Patrick, laborer, h 146 Marshall
Cavanagh Andrew, h 132 Marshall
Carey Thomas, engineer, h 59 Mill
Carrol Albert, huckster, 10 Bank
Cavender John, turner, h 65 Pine
Carr John, h 73 Pine
Cavanagh Wm., moulder, h 67 Jersey
Cavanagh Wm., laborer, 83 Jersey
Carr Daniel, laborer, h 137 Jersey
Carny Patrick, laborer, h 6 White Alley

p. 15 & 17
Buckley John, h 12 Elm
BUYLEY [BULGER] William, laborer, h 413 Main
BUYLER [BULGER?] Martin, laborer, h 413 Main
CAVENAGH John, laborer, h 61 Marshall
CAHILL Wm., laborer, h 67 Marshall
p. 17 CAVANAGH, Stephen - CARTER, William
CAVANAGH Stephen, painter, h 37 Congress >>>>>>>>
CAVANAGH Dennis, machinist, bds 65 Pearl
CARROLL James, planer, 106 Jersey

p. 18-19 no Constantine
p. 18
CARROLL Daniel, laborer, h Oliver
CHARLEY Thomas, moulder, h 63 Pearl
CHARLEY James, boiler maker, 77 Slater
CHARLES Thomas, tailor, h Jackson
p. 19
CLAXTON Geo., laborer, 107 Mill

p. 20-21 no Constantine
CARROLL Patrick, laborer, 28 Marshall
CARROLL Simon, clerk, 168 Grand
COYLE Richard, teamster, h cor Ellison and Prospect
CONDON Michael, laborer, h 66 Pearl
CORBET John, helper, 14 Lynch's alley
COYLE Mary, h 24 Passaic
CONNOLLY Richard, moulder, bds 22 John
CONDON Patrick, laborer, h White Alley
CONNOLEY Sarah, wid Michael, h 59 Congress
CODY Franklin, carriage trimmer, 143 River
COYLE Henry, mason, 17 Godwin
COYLE Bernard, teamster, h 9 Fair
CONNELLY Owen, h 11 Lynch's Alley
COYLE Patrick, coachman, 224 Main

p. 22-23 no Constantine
Cooney Mary, wid John, h 59 Pine
Cook George, moulder, h River, n Railroad
Condron John, laborer, h 115 Marshall
Connerton Michael, laborer, h cor Congress and Mill
Cooney James, mason, h 100 Marshall
Collaton James, laborer, h 75 Mill
Cread John, laborer, r h 50 Cross
CRAWLEY Bartholomew, variety store, 47 John , h do

p. 24-25
p. 25
DAY George, shoemaker, 25 Boudinot
DAY Charles S. bookkeeper bds 12 Union
DAILY Patrick, laborer, h 97 Cross
DAY George B. (Rev.), h 13 Clark
DALY Michael, tailor, h 28 Congress
DAY & MUNSON, tape weavers, Union Works, cor Congress & Spruce
DANAUGH Mrs., wid 52 Prospect
DONOUGH Martin, laborer, h r 10 Ward
DAY Warren, bookkeeper, h 357 Straight
DAY Eliza, (col.,) wid Daniel, h Hamburgh av., n Burhans' lane
DAILy Wm., laborer, h r 34 Marshall
DELANEY James, blacksmith, h r 5 Godwin
DELANEY Michael, labrer, 22 Ward

p. 26-27 Dean-Dilliston
p. 26
DELANEY Jno., laborer, h 14 Marshall
DELANEY Michael, h 14 Elm
DEVINE Hugh, flax dresser, h 106 Main
DELANEY Elizabeth, wid Edward, h 51 Pine
DEGLEMAN Jno. A., lager bier, 35 Congress
p. 27
DELANEY James, helper, 26 Jersey
DELANEY Patrick, laborer, h 39 Pine
DELANEY Michael, porter house, 44 Cross, bds 14 Elm
DELANEY Mary, wid John, h 25 Oliver
DELANEY Patrick, laborer, h 399 Main
DELANEY Daniel, laborer, h r 324 Main
[nothing like DELAHUNTY]

p. 28-29
p. 30-31 Doherty-Dutcher
p. 30
Dolan Daniel, machinist, h 132 Mill
p. 31
DUMPHRY Mary, wid Patrick, 39 Pine

p. 32-33
Duyer [sic, Dwyer?] James, carpenter, h 195 Willis
[no Dwyer]
Dynan Henry, grocer, 83 Jersey, h do
Dynan Thomas, tailor, 89 Congress, h John cor Cross

p. 34-35
Farrell Matthias, shoemaker, 248 Straight
Fanning Wm. H., telegraph builder, h 87 Willis
p. 35 FARNEY - FIELDING plus FLYNN, Michael
Faharty Thomas, laborer, h 80 Pine
Farley Thomas, laborer, h 60 Oliver
Farrell John L., machinist, h 34 N Main
Farrell Patrick, laborer, h 144 Broadway
Findon Frederick, machinist, h 12 Cedar

p. 36-37
p. 37
FIELDING Patrick, laborer, h 23 Jersey
FIELDS Patrick, melter, h 132 Mill
FITZPATRICK Patrick, blacksmith, h 144 Mill
FITZPATRICK Owen, laborer, h 286 Mill
FITZPATRICK Wm., laborer, 18 Ellison
FIELDING James, watchman, h 49 Matlock
FITZPATRICK Mrs., wid, h 220 Main
Flemming David, time keeper, h 87 Spruce
FLYNN John, helper, h 146 Mill
FLYNN Elizabeth, wid Martin, h 10 Ward [mother of Mary Flynn?]
FLYNN Thomas, blacksmith, 500 Main
FLYNN Jane Mrs., fancy store, 25 Marshall, h do
p. 37
FOLEY Martin, shoemaker, h 5 Ryerson
FROLEY Martin, shoemaker, h 168 Jackson [FRAWLEY?]
no Fogarty

p. 38-39
, p. 40-41
p. 40 GEROE to GONE
Gorman Thomas, laborer, 101 Marshall

, p. 42
starts with GRAVES
GRENEN Edward, porter house, 20 Jersey

- advertisements

, p. 43
end of G, beginning of H
Harrold James, tailor, bds 69 Willis
no Hagarty

, p. 44-45 no Hagarty
p. 44 starts with Hamilton
Harrold Richard, boss finisher, Ramapo ave
p. 45
Harold Michael, machinist, 56 Marshall
Harrold Edward, laborer, 60 Beach
Harrold John, laborer, 60 Beach

, p. 46-47
Haggarty John, machinist, 14 Magee's al

p. 48-49
p. 50-51
p. 51-53
, p. 54-55
Jenkins to Keeler
p. 54
Jordan Joseph, Jr., salesman, 35 Clark
Jordan Richard, machinist, 51 Prospect
p. 55
Kay Seth, turner, 104 Pine
Kaough John, paper maker, 62 Pine
Kay James, filer, 104 Pine
Kay George, gear cutter, 104 Pine
Kay Mary Ann, wid William, 9 Passaic
Kaoe Michael, laborer, ? Lynch's al
Kahoe Patrick, shoemaker, 39 Congress, h do
Kays Thomas, blacksmith, 140 Spruce **** who? wife Ann Brophy?
Kays John, grocer, 72 Cross, h do
Kavanagh [no first name listed], machinist, bds 28 Congress
Kayes Martin, laborer, 38 Passaic
Kay Henry, Fair n Bridge
Kehoe John, blacksmith, 30 Congress, h do
Kennan Thomas, flagman, 13 Mechanic

, p. 56-57
p. 56
Keenan Biddy, wid James, 28 Oliver
Kenney John, grocer, 59 Marshall
Keenan Margaret, wid. Patrick, variety store, 75 Congress, h do
Keys Mr., laborer, r 23 Elm
Kounugh Wm., laborer, 31 Godwin
p. 57
King Dennis, grocer, cor Main and Congress, h 11 Passaic [witness at wedding of grocer John Keys and Maria Tracey in 1860]
Kisnna P., butcher, 32 Marshall [probably Patrick Kenna & wife Ellen nee Morris]
Kinney James I., machinist, 138 Grand
KINCH WM S., mineral water, 113 Main, h 41 Ward

, p. 58-59
p. 58
Kuy Martin, laborer, 32 Jersey
p. 59
Lawler Michael, helper, 137 Jersey
Lawler Michael, teamster, 45 John
Lawler Rosy, wid Michael, bds 9 White al
Lawler Margaret, wid James, 137 Grand
Lenhard Edward, carpenter, 69 Willis

, p. 60-61
p. 60
Lowry John, silk dyer, 72 Cross
Lowry Bridget, wid Thomas, h 72 Cross
Lowry Lyness, barber, 448 Main, h do
Loughlin Patrick, laborer, 144 Mill
Lowry James, carpenter, 81 Marshall
Logue Bridget, wid Owen, 29 Cross
Loughlin Martha, wid Alex, 103 Pine

, p. 62-63
p. 62 starts with L
Mahar James, blacksmith, 70 Jersey
Mahar Jessy, laborer, 81 Mill
p. 63
Mahar Jeremiah, tanner, 31 Division
Maher John, laborer, 224 Main [224/6 Edward HARROLD address 1857-1861]
Maher James, laborer, 224 Main
1860 Census - Paterson South Ward, Passaic, New Jersey Page: 938
dwelling 452, family 936
Phillip MAHER 30 M Laborer Ireland
Bridget " 30 F Ireland
James " 2 M New York
James " 20 M Laborer Ireland
John " 22 M Laborer Ireland

p. 64-65
p. 64
MALROONEY James, laborer, 28 Jersey
p. 65
MEAD Diana (col.,) wid, Hamburgh av, n Burhans' la
MEAD ANDREW, publisher PATERSON REGISTER, 123 Main, h do (see advt.)
MEAD Bernard, laborer, 91 Cross
Mellen Edward, laborer, 141 [41?] Grand
MEAD Thomas, grocer, 69 Mill, h do
MEEGAN Peter, laborer, 54 Prospect
Mellen Bella Mrs, 211 Marshall
MEAGHER Philip, laborer, 37 Jersey
MERREY Mary, wid John, 16 Marshall

p. 66-67
p. 66
MEAHER John, helper, 121 Jersey
Mickle John, carpenter, bds 36 Congress
p. 67
MOONEY George, silk spinner, 14 Essex
MOONEY Wm., 14 Essex
MOORE George, helper, Totowa av, n Cliff
MORRISS Peter, overseer, Hamburgh av, cor Burhans' la
MOONEY Hugh, laborer, 98 Pine [*]
MOORE Robert, laborer, 96 Pine [* right above - typo?]
MOORE Dominick, machinist, 33 John
MOORE Wm., boiler maker, 61 Pearl
MOORE Wm., laborer, 33 Willis
MOORE Wm., boss turner, 210 Main

p. 68-69
p. 68
MOOR Edward, mchinist, 110 Pine
MORRIS Andrew, machinist, bds 6 Ellison
MORRIS Lawrence, 59 Oliver
MOORE Wm., boiler maker, 112 Pine
MOLAN Patrick, helper, 60 Pine
MOOR Edward, machinist, 110 Pine
p. 69
MORRIS John, laborer, 19 Ellison
MOORE Henry, laborer, 177 Mill
MORRIS James, grocer, 58 Jersey, h do [1860: James 28IRE Grocer -/$200, Ann 28IRE, William 9NJ, John 7NJ]
MOORE Francis, machinist, 56 Jersey
MORRIS Michael, grocer, 25 Jersey, h do
MORRIS John J., merchant, New York, h Hamburg av, cor Burhans la
MORRIS Michael, Jr., merchant, New York, bds 25 Jersey
MURPHY JOHN, dyer and bleacher, Victory Mill, n Morris Canal, cor Madison, h
12 Passaic
MURPHY Daniel, laborer, 42 Mehanic[sic, 42 Mechanic]
MURPHY Wm., laborer, 17 White's Alley
MURPHY John, boiler maker, 71 Marshall

no Mullholland or Mulrooney

p. 70-71
p. 70
MURPHY Peter, laborer, 91 Spruce
MURPHY Patk, engineer, Paterson n Ellison
MURPHY Michael B., tinsmith, 13 John
MURPHY James T., coachman, 7 Passaic

p. 73
McGILL Wm., boiler maker, 7 Mechanic
McGILL Richard, blacksmith, 39 Jersey
McGILL Catharine, wid. James, 83 Mechanic
McGILL Michael, (McGill & Bro) h 11 Passaic
McGILL Chas., (McGill & Bro.) cor Oliver & Marshall
McGILL Smith, machinist, 147 Summer
McHennon Patrick, laborer, 49 Jersey
Mckenna Felix, liquors, & c, 10 Marshall
McKenna Arthur, laborer, 60 Marshall
McKenny Wm., machinist, 35 Godwin
McKenny Paul, baker, 97 N. Main
McKanna Hugh, harness maker, 18 Ellison

p. 74-75
p. 74
McLaughlin Robert, 31 Lafayette
McLoughlin Wm., boiler maker, 197 Mill
McLaughlin Robert, machinist, 58 Prospect
McLaughlin Catharine, seamstress, 63 Washington
McLaughlin James, moulder, 31 Lafayette
McLaughlin Jane, wid Patrick, 76 Pine

p. 76-77
p. 78-79
p. 80-81
p. 80
Phelan Daniel, laborer, 22 Van Houten
Phelan Lawrence, grocer, 10 Ward, h do
Phalan Michael, laborer, 133 Market
Phalon John, helper, 121 Jersey
Phalon John, laborer, 33 Marshall
Phalon Dennis, laborer, 14 Elm

p. 82-83
p. 83
begin R
RAFFERTY PHILIP, machinist, (Todd & Rafferty) 93 Marshall
Rafferty Sarah (col), wid Hugh, 152 Marshall
Rooney Margaret, bds 157 Market

p. 84-85
p. 84
Rednor Henry, mechanic, 87 Congress
Redmond Rachel, 87 Marshall
REDNER BOYD, ferrotypes, 121 Main, h 79 Oliver
Redner Henry, machinist, 20 Ellison
p. 85
Redmond Thomas, laborer, 119 Spruce
Redner Elizabeth, wid Peter, variety store, 79 Oliver, h do
Redmond John, blacksmith, 82 Congress
Risk, John, pattern maker, 99 Grand

p. 86-87
p. 86
ROONEY Bernard, moulder, 51 Willis
ROONEY Hugh, mason, 13 Elm
ROUNKE [prob ROURKE] Patrick, laborer, cor Madison and Straight
ROGERS Jno., in California, h 58 Madison
p. 87
ROE Peter, grocer, 76 Pine, h do

p. 88-89
p. 88
Ryan Michael, laborer, 15 Straight
Ryan James, paper maker, 107 Spruce
Ryan Lawrence, overseer, 143 Mill
Ryan Agnes, wid Patrick, 33 Jersey
Ryan Bridget, wid, 72 Market

p. 90-91
p. 92-93
p. 94-95
p. 96-97
p. 98-99
p. 100-101
p. 100
1863 Thompson James, moulder, 57 Congress
1863 Thomson James, carpenter, 131 River

p. 102
Tracy H.T., clerk, bds 56 Marshall
Tracy Mary, wid James, 48 Cross
Tracey Michael, laborer, 41 John
p. 103
TYNAN James, machinist, 131 Jersey
TYNAN Joseph, machinist, 131 Jersey

p. 104-105
p. 106-107
p. 108-109
p. 109
WALCH Thomas, boiler maker, 104 Broadway


p. 110-111
p. 110
Warren Richard, tanner, 5 Washington
p. 111
WALSH Mrs., wid, 226 Main
WELCH Wm., laborer, h r 37 Cross
WELCH Robert, paper maker, 60 Pine >>>>>>>>>>
WELCH Stephen, laborer, 21 Straight
WELCH Robert, machinist, 74 Oliver
WELCH John, laborer, 9 McGee's al
WELSH Morris, laborer, Jackson

p. 112-113
p. 112
WELCH John, laborer, 31 Godwin
Wheeler [sic] Martin, laborer, 77 Marshall
Whitty James, laborer, 77 Marshall
Whalen Jeremiah, laborer, h r 96 Mill

p. 114-115
p. 116-117 Y & Z

p. 118-119 Passaic County Volunteers for the Union [selected names of possible Irish origin]
Co. A - 1st Regt, Excelsior Brigade
Privates include: James C. CAREY, William McCANN, James McANENNEY, Edward CORRIGAN, John CAVANAGH, Stephen DOUGHERTY, John HEALY, John WHELEHAN
Co. I - 1st Regt, Excelsior Brigade
Privates include: (con't. on p. 120) Timothy BERGEN, J. CONNELLY, Thomas CAVANAUGH, Hugh DOUGHERTY, Thomas DOUGHERTY, John HUGHES, John LISTER, Michael McGILL, Martin McKENON, Patrick RAFFERTY, James SHERVIN, Thomas WARD

p. 120-121
p. 121 Co. C - 3rd Regt, Excelsior Brigade David FARRELL
6th Regt NY Vols, Col Wm. Wilson - includes John McCANN & Owen McKENNEY in Co. F,

p. 122-123
p. 122 6th Regt NY Vols, Col Wm. Wilson (con't) - John CARRIGAN & Patrick CAVANAUGH (privates in Co. I)
p. 123 1st Regt NJ Vols; Co. I - 2nd Regt NJ (Capt Charles Danforth jr) privates John KEENAN, David LAMB, William F. LEAN, (con't on p. 124)

p. 124-125
p. 124 Co. I - 2nd Regt NJ (con't) William HAYES, Alex McGILL, William SHERRAN
Co. G - 2nd Regt. NJ Vols Patrick PHALON (con't on next page)
p. 125 (con't) Co. H - 2nd Regt. NJ Vols John CARROLL, John RUSSELL, Patrick SHEARAN
Co. K - 3rd Regt. NJ Vols Patrick BIRMINGHAM, Michael KEARVAN, Thomas O'NEIL, William STONER
Co. G - 5th Regt. NJ Vols Martin BERGEN, Charles W. DOUGHERTY

p. 126-127
Co. G - 7th Regt. NJ Vols (Capt. James McKIERNAN, 1st Lt. Thomas AGNEW, Corporal Edward FANNING, Privates:
John BRADY, James CAVENDAH, William MURPHY, George B. McLAUGHLIN, James NOLAN, James COONEY, James H. DOUGHERTY, Arthur DONAHUE, Patrick FULLER (is this Patrick FULLEN?), Martin FLANNAGAN, James FANNING, Henry FANNING, Thomas FLANNIGAN, Michael LAWLER, Andrew McRENNAN (McKENNAN?), Michael PHALON, Patrick QUINLAN, John ROE, William SWEENEY,
Co. F - 7th Regt. NJ Vols Joseph HALL, Peter McBRIDE, John McLAUGHLIN

p. 128-129
Co. K - 8th NJ Vols. Thomas O'NEILL
Co. D - 8th NJ Vols.
8th Regt NJ Art. - Martin DONAHUE
10th NJ Vols. - 3rd Corpl. Robert McBRIDE (con't)

p. 130-131
(10th NJ Vols. con't) Privates John CARR, William CAVENAGH, Patrick LYNESS
11th NJ Reg. - Thomas MULLEN (Co. K)
Co. C 13th NJ Reg - 2nd Lt William HAYS, privates Daniel LYNCH, (con't)

p. 132-133
(con't) Charles B. BURRIS, David H. BURRIS, Arthur DONNELLY, Edward FITZGERALD, James GAUFF, William GOUGE, John HUGHS, Edwin KELLY, James LAROE,
Co. B - 13th Reg NJ Vols. - Martin CONNELL, Thomas W. FLEMING
Co K -13th NJ Reg - Capt. Hugh C. IRISH, Privates Thomas ABBOTT, Silas ABBOTT, Francis MOORE (con't)
[I read through the entire list of names and these were the only Abbotts listed anywhere]

p. 134-135
(con't) Patrick CONNELLY (Connolly - deserted at Newark on 30 Aug 1862), Andrew SISCO, John A. THOMPSON, John WALLACE
Co. E - 14th Reg NJ Vols. - Denis MULHOLLAND
Co. A - 25th NJ Regt. - Capt. John McKIERNAN, 1st Corpl. Joseph McNEILL, 5th Corpl. John PHALON, 6th corpl. William GALLAGHER, 7th Cpl. Samuel G. McKIERNAN; privates James CONNELLY, John DOUGHERTY, John V.B. FOLEY, Elias FOLEY, John C. KEAGAN, James McKENNA, John McBRIDE, Barney McGILL, drummer James McGILL, Patrick MAHER, Timothy MOHANEY, Philip MARA, Thomas MORRISSON, John QUINLAN, (con't)

p. 136-137
(con't) Joseph HYDE, Alfred KAY, James SCANLAN, James STONE, Patrick SWEENEY, Peter WARREN
Co. C - 25th NJ Reg. - Capt. A. GRAHAM, 5th Sergt. Thomas MAHER, Privates Patrick CANDAN (CONDON?), Henry COYLE, John DOUGHERTY, Hugh DEVINE, John MULLEN, Thomas McGAW, Francis SISCO

p. 138-139
(con't) Seth H. KAY, James S. KAY
Co. E - 25th NJ Reg. - Capt Alexander HOLMS, 1st Sgt James WHELAN, Privates William R. CARY, Martin COOK, John KAY, Wm. H KAY [William]

p. 140-141
Co. H - 25th NJ Reg. - Capt. James INGLIS jr, 5th Corpl. Martin KINNEY, Privates Andrew G. BURRIS, Thomas COOK
Co. K - 25th NJ Reg. - Capt. E.J. AYRES, (con't)

p. 142-143
privates Francis H COOK, Jessee B. MORRIS, William H. THOMPSON, James HINCHCLIFFE, Simon McKAY
1st Cavalry NJ Vols - John SCANLAN
Col. ALLEN's 1st Reg NY National Guard - James GRIFFIN, John McBRIDE
DYRYEA's Zouaves - 5th Reg. NY Vols. - Wiliam HALL, William MULLIGAN

p. 144-145
5th Reg NY Artillery - privates - Patrick Connolly, James O'Brien
52nd Reg Penn Vols - James Tattersall

p. 146-147
Hugh Lappin, 4th Regt, New York Fire Zouaves
George Kay, 6th Regt, Pennsylvania Vols
George Probert, 11th Michigan Infantry
Arthur Mulholland, U.S. Steamer Mediocrate

p. 148-149
p. 150-151
p. 152-153
p. 154-155
Federal Government etc.

addresses of interest

FLYNN Elizabeth, wid Martin, h 10 Ward [mother of Mary Fylnn?]
DONOUGH Martin, laborer, h r 10 Ward
[In Jan 1865, Mary CAVANAGH, widow of John and mother of James (deceased, Civil War) and William, was living at 12 Ward St.]