David FARRELL Civil War Pension File

Page 1[form I filled out for pension file at NARA]
Page 2[folder cover]
Act of June 27, 1890
(3 - 23I.)
No. 374,306
Rose M. Farrell
Widow of David Farrell
Rank Pri  Co. C  Regt. 72 N.Y. Vol Inf.
Boston Agency
Rate per month $8
Commencing Oct. 16, 1890
Additional sum of $2 per month for each of the following children, until
arriving at the age of 16 years, commencing Oct. 16, 1890
Mary Rose     Mar 25 1892
David B.      Mar 3 1898
Alice H.      Feb. 3 1901
Issued  May 6, 1893
Mailed   "  8, 1893
Fee, $10
[stamped] DEAD
[stamped] DROPPED
Feb 23 1905
dead and adv.
Mch 18/05 : CGJ
Page 3[3-part folder cover - David Farrell]
Page 4[3-part folder cover - Rose Farrell]
Page 5[single card - David Farrell - stamped REJECTED]
Page 6 back of 5
Page 7 [envelope - Invalid]
Page 8 back of 7
Page 9[letter from Bureau of Pension to Widow, listing required documents for pension application]
Page 10back of 9
Page 11[affadavit of Rose Farrell declaring that David Farrell and David B. Farrell are the same person, dated 10 Jan 1893, City of Bridgeport, County of Fairfield, State of Connecticut - before notary, no witnesses]
Page 12back of 11, "clmt- about name of soldier"
Page 13 [Invalid Pension dated May 1893 - Rejected - Soldier is Dead - no one entitiled to complete; i.e., she filled out the wrong form]
Page 14back of 13 - Application [for Invalid Pension]
Page 15[Medical Evidence - page 1 of letter from Rush Neer, the doctor who attended David Farrell before his death, saying he "ought to have a good pension" - dated Sept 10/90 Paterson NJ]
Page 16continuation on back of 15
Page 17[Widow's Pension]
Page 18 [Declaration for Widow's Pension dated 13 Oct 1890]
Declaration for Widow's Pension. Act of June 27, 1890. This Must be Exectuted Before a Court of Record or Some Officer Thereof Having Custody of its Seal.
State of New Jersey, County of Passaic, SS:
  ON THIS 13 day of October, A.D. one thousand eight hundred  and ninety personally appeared before me, notary public of NJ within and for the County and State aforesaid, Rose Farrell, aged 45 years, a resident of the city of Paterson, County of Passaic, State of __________, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of David Farrell who enlisted under the name of David Farrell at ____________, on the _____ day of _______
A.D. 18__, in (Here state rank, company, and regiment, if in the Military service, or vessel, if in Navy.) Co. C 72 NY Vols  and served at least ninety days in the late war of the Rebellion, who was HONORABLY DISCHARGED ________,
and died (The cause of death need not be stated.) October 6 1890.
That she was married under the name of Rose O'Neill, to said David Farrel, on the ____ day of ____  18__, by Rev OReilly, at Newburgh NY there being no legal barrier to such marriage (If there was a former marriage of claimant or her husband, state it here and how dissolved.)  Neither
That she has not remarried since the death of the said (Name of soldier or sailor) David Farrell
That she is without other means of support than her daily labor.  That names and dates of birth of all children now living under sixteen years of age of the soldier are as follows:

Mary Rose Farrell, born March 26, 1876
David B     ---  , born   "    4, 1882
Alice H     ---  , born Feby   4, 1884

That she has not heretofore applied for pension but the number of his (husband) former [application crossed out]  is  Husband Certificate  No 193222.
That she makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States under the provisions of the Act of June 27, 1890. She hereby appoints Wesley Buckley of Paterson NJ her true and lawful attorney to prosecute her claim. That her post office address is 65 Vine St, Paterson, County of Passaic, State of New Jersey. (Signature of Claimant) Rose Farrell
(Two witnesses who can write, sign here.) Maggie Farrell   Mary A. Smith
Page 19back of 18 [continuation from front]
Also personally appeared Maggie Farrall, residing at Paterson NJ, and Mary A. Smith, residing at Paterson NJ, persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who, being by me duly sworn, say that they were present and saw Rose Farrell claimant, sign her name to the foregoing declaration; that they have every reason to believe from the appearance of said claimant and an acquaintance with her of 20 and 35 years, respectively, that she is the identical person she represents herself to be; and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim. (Signatures of witnesses.) Maggie Farrell   Mary A. Smith
Sworn and subscribed before me this 13 day of October, A.D. 1890
    and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration, &c., were fully made known  and explained to the applicant and witnesses before swearing, including the words _____  erased , and the words ____  added; and that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.
  (Official Signature.) Robert D. Buckley
  (Official Character.) Notary Public of NJ
[L.S.] [Note: notary seal over this]

The act of June 27, 1890,  requires, in widow's  case:
1. That the soldier served at least NINETY DAYS in the War of the Rebellion and WAS HONORABLY DISCHARGED.
2. Proof of soldier's death (detah cause need not have been due to Army service).
3. That the widow is "without other means of support than her daily labor."
4. That the widow was married to the soldier prior to June 27, 1890, date of the Act.
5. That all pensions under this act commence from date of receipt of application (executed after the passage of act) in Pension Bureau.
Page 20[Statement of Edward J. Farrell of Bridgeport CT declaring that to his knowledge neither David Farrell nor his wife Rose was married before their marriage to each other and that she is not remarried and that her children named are still living. Statement of John DOHERTY Bridgeport CT declaring that Rose Farrell is not remarried and that her children named are still living. Not dated, but stamped "Pension Office, Mar 6 1893"]
Page 21back of 20 [no prior marriage and widowhood - witnesses' signatures dated 2 Feb 1893, Bridgeport, Fairfield Co. CT; also Rose Farrell swears neither she nor her husband was married prior to their marriage to each other, dated 2 Feb 1893]
Page 22 [21 Mar 1893, Bridgeport CT - Statement of witnesses John DOHERTY and Fredk H. W. RUTLAND that children are living with Rose Farrell in Bridgeport]
Page 23continuation of 22 on back
Page 24[Statements of neighbors Martha RUTLAND and Charlie BRIEHL saying Rose Farrell has no property and no one to support her.]
Page 25continuation of 24 on back, dated 27 Jan 1893 Bridgeport CT
Page 26[General Affidavit, Orange Co. NY, 5 Jan 1893 - Rebecca Wild 25 of 11 Johnston St, Newburgh NY and Daniel O'NEIL 38 of 344 Water St, Newburgh NY (brother of claimant Rose Farrell) state that claimant sometimes calls herself Rose M and Rose, but that her full name is Rose Mary Farrell.
Page 27back of 26, called "Additional Evidence"
Page 28 Proof of Disability, NY NY, dated 1879 - J L Chadwick 44 of NY NY makes statement about wounding of David Farrell by a shell to his right hand at or near White Oak Swamp, Virginia on or about 30 June 1862. Affiant was captain of the company.]
Page 29continuation of 28 on back, dated 14 May 1879
Page 30ACCRUED PENSION [summary of widow's info, saying marriage to soldier is shown by church record and prior marriage of neither is shown by affidavit of acquaintances]
Page 31 Invalid Pension Vouchers dated 4 Sept 1890 for David Farrell, mentioning pension certificate dated 23 July 1881, entitling him to $4 per month.
Page 32 back of 31, not filled in
Page 33 Original Invalid Pension claiming disability, commencing 8 Oct 1862 and submitted 11 July 1881 - David Farrell, Newburgh Gas Co's Office, Orange Co NY, Attorney John W Drew or Paterson NJ - disbled by GSW of right hand 30 June 1862.
Page 34"[During Service" - J L Chadwick - summary of affidavit mentioned earlier]
Page 35 ["Examining Surgeon's Certificate in the case of an original applicant", dated May 7 1881, Newburgh, Orange Co NY - 5 ft 9 1/2 inches, 158 lbs, dark complexion, age 40, pulse 80, respiration 17]
Page 36 back of 35
Page 37 [card showing pensioner Rose Farrell dropped due to death Oct 6, 1904]
Page 38 back of 37 showing stamp only
Page 39 Army of the United States Certificate of Disability for Discharge issued to Corporal David Farrell of Captain J L Chadwick's Company © of 72nd Rect of NY Vols - was enlisted by the captain at Paterson NJ on 28 April 1861 to serve 3 years, was born US and [at enlistment] age 23, 5 foot 9 3/4, fair complexion, d. brown eyes and d. brown hair
Page 40 back of 39
Page 41 War Department, Adjutant General's Office, 5 Apr 1880 - summary of service and wound from their records - was enrolled at Paterson NJ on 28 Apr 1861 and mustered in as a Pvt on 21 July 1861 at Camp Scott NY
Page 42 Application for Accrued Pension Widows - dated 19 Apr 1892, Fairfield Co CT, Rose M Farrell, address 29 Hallam St, Bridgeport CT; witness Martha RUTLAND of Bridgeport knows David Farrell died because she attended his obsequies. [Trace her - she appeared as witness several times. Was she a relative?]
Page 43 back of 42 lists ruled for applying for accrued pension
Page 44 Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension, Passaic Co NJ, 22 Apr 1879 - David Farrell of Newburgh declares... That since leaving the service this applicant has resided in the City of Newburgh in the State of New York, and his occupation has been that of a collector... beign when enrolled a Cotton Spinner... Post Office Address is Newburgh, County of Orange, State of New York (Gas Cos Office). Claimant's signature: David Farrell Attest: Wm H Marsh, John M. Pollard [His brother-in-law, husband of Julia FARRELL.]
Page 45 back of 44, showing signatures of witnesses, both of Paterson
Page 46 [color scan of copy of baptismal record for Alice, daughter of David and Rose] CERTIFICATE OF BAPTISM I, Rev. Terence F. Kelly Pastor of the Churh of St. Joachim, Matteawan, County of Dutchess, and State of New York, do hereby certify that Alice Farrell who was born on the 4th day of February 1885 of the Parents David and Rose O'Neill his lawful wife, was baptized according to the rite and usage of the Roman Catholic Church, by the Reverend M. J. Welsh, on the 8th day of February 1885; the Sponsors James BRENNAN and Maggie ONEIL as appears from the Baptismal Registers of said Church; and I do further certify that the Records of said Church are in my care and possession, and that the present Certificate is made by me from a personalinspection of said Records, and is a true copy from the Baptismal Register. Dated at Matteawan, this 19th day of December, 1892. Signed Terence F. Kelly
Page 47 back of 46, black and white scan where Terence F. Kelly, who resides in Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY, swears he made a true copy of the record.
Page 48 Affidavit of Rose Farrell, 27 Jan 1893, Bridgeport CT, stating that the true birthdate of minor childr Alice H. Farrell was Feb 4, 1885 and not 1884 as might have stated in error.
Page 49 [color scan of copy of baptismal record of David B. Farrell, son of David and Rose] Newburgh NY St. Mary's Church This is to certify that David B. Farrell, son of David B. Farrell and Rose Farrell, maiden name Rose Mary O'Neil, born March 4, 1882, was baptized March 19, 1882 by Rev Father Kelly, according to the rite of the Holy Catholic Church . Patrick CARROLL, godfather Mary QUILLAN, godmother Rev John C. Henry Rector [has seal imprinted]
Page 50 back of 49, black and white scan - John C. Henry swears he made a true copy of the record, dated 5 Jan 1893
Page 51 [color scan of copy of baptismal record of Mary Rose Farrell] Newburgh, Jan 5, 1893 This is to certify that Mary Rose Farrell, daughter of David Farrell and Rose Mary Farrell, maiden name O'Neil, was baptized in St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in this city by Rev. Michael J. Phelan, on April 2, 1876. The godfather was James DUNN and godmother Mary COONEY. Born March 26, 1876. John C. Henry Rector
Page 52 back of 49, black and white scan - John C. Henry swears he made a true copy of the record, dated ? Jan 1893
Page 53 [color scan of copy of marriage certificate for David Farrell and Rose O'NEIL] Certificate of Marriage St. Patrick's Church, Newburgh, N.Y. This is to Certify That David Farrell and Rose O'Neil were lawfully Married on the 3rd day of September 1863 According to the Rite of the Catholic Church Rev. E. J. O'Reilly officiating, and in the presence of Michael O'Neil and Margaret O'Neil, Witnesses, as appears from the Marriage Register of the Church. Dated, December 21, 1892 V. Rev. W. L. Penney pr Rev L.E. Murray
Page 54 back of 53, black and white scan - Rev. Lawrence E. Murray, Asst Pastor, St. Patrick's Church, Newburgh, Orange Co. NY, swears he made a true copy of the record, dated 5 Jan 1893
Page 55 [color scan of copy of death certificate for David B. Farrell]
Paterson, N.J., Jan. 9, 1893
I hereby certify that the following is a true copyof a return made to this Bureau, according to law, of the particulars therein set forth:
"1. Date of Death, Oct. 6 1890
"2. Full Name of Deceased, David B. Farrell
"3. Age, 54 Years, ____ Months, ____ Days.
"4. Sex, Male  5. Race or Color   White
"6. Birthplace, U.S.  7. Occupation  Plumber
"8. Birthplace of Father,  Ireland
"9. Mother's Birthplace, U.S.
"10. Place of Death,  Paterson N.J  No. 65 Vine Street
"11 Place of Burial,  Laurel Grove
"12. Cause of Death, Loboear [sic] Pneumonia
"13. Medical Attendant, Rush Neer  M.D.
"14. Undertaker, C. F. McLaughlin"
The foregoing copy is given under my hand and seal this Ninth day of January, 1893. [seal]
J.T. Pollett
Register of Vital Statistics

Page 56 back of 55 - large stamp, Pension Office, Jan 11 1893
Page 57 [Statement dated 7 Dec 1892, Bridgeport CT by Rose Farrell saying that she is destitute and has not been able to pay her husband's funeral expenses and has but little money to live on. Witness Mrs. Martha Rutland attests to same.
Page 58 back of 57 - 2 stamps and "Clt"