Since the early 1800s Paterson, New Jersey has been home to Irish immigrants. They came to Paterson to work in the mills, locomotive shops and machine shops. Many joined friends or relatives already working there. Some stayed for generations and became part of the local Irish community in Paterson. Others spent only a few years in Paterson before moving on.

Those who moved on sometimes journeyed west to Minnesota, Iowa or other places where they could buy land and settle down as farmers. Others left Paterson for the gold fields of California or Alaska (or perhap even Australia), never to return. Still others continued living city lives, as far away as St. Louis or San Francisco or as near as Brooklyn. A few eventually returned from their wanderings to settle again in Paterson. Even those who never returned sometimes left behind relatives and friends who lived in Paterson for generations.

This website is dedicated to all the Paterson Irish and their descendents. No matter how brief their stay in Paterson, this wepage is for them.

The content of this website will grow as I find time to add to it. It has taken me nearly 20 years to gather all the documents that will eventually be presented online. It will take a while to make everything available here. Please return from time to time to see what has been added. I hope you find something here that helps you in your research.

I thank all who have contributed to this effort.

Geralyn Wood Barry